We make you who you are

Perceived Value is the clients' evaluation of the merits of your company, products and services and their ability to fulfill their needs and expectations, especially in comparison with their peers. Unlock hidden potentials and improve performance is the secret of success.

The difference is simple.

There´s a pattern in all the great and successful companies in the world whether it is Apple, Salesforce or Amazon. They all think, appear and communicate in the exact same way. And it´s the complete opposite of all the other companies. Nearly every single company in the world knows what they do. And some of them know how they do it.

But only a few companies know WHY they do what they do
and how to use that for their communication.

Create a belief.
If people believe what you believe they trust.
Trust is the foundation of every successful business.

We don´t have to buy something.

We want to buy or invest in something because we share a belief and want to show to the world that we are a part of it and the first to share it. We join not for the company or the product, we join for ourselves.

We work with clients from around the world.

We are tackling many types of challenges, from preparing companies for buyouts, attracting investors, reassuring shareholders, and uncovering new consumer and business insights, to creating highly valuable and compelling identities.

We are Corporate Staging Consultants – putting together what belongs together to create effective market breakthroughs and industry leaders. We create companies that are noteworthy, valuable and emotionally distinctive.

Besides his position as CEO and Founder of Lahn + Partners, he is also teaching Branding at the UC Berkeley Extension, the Art Institute of California and the College of San Mateo.

Our Belief


Economic success is not a mystery; it’s a result of the actions we take. We believe that Corporate Staging is the road to success for any kind of company or organization.


Market leadership is no accident; it´s the strategic combination of internal values, corporate development and the company’s intangible
assets that create their inimitable brand awareness and a higher Cognitive Value. 


Companies must be more than the sum of their parts. If companies want to be truly recognized by their target audiences, they need to provide more than just an innovative product or unique service. The
most successful companies have deeply-held mission statements and powerful visual cues that express who they are, what they stand for,
and how they want to be perceived by others.


We craft engaging awareness strategies that elevate our clients
and drive their Perceived Value to new heights.

The office was founded by Hardy Lahn 1998
in Munich/Germany and became the third studio of the Offices of Brand Design, Europe.
«We have worked with ambitious clients
who want to harness the power of company value and awareness to grow their business. Our work has delivered outstanding financial success for them and has won us many international awards for creativity,
effectiveness and design quality.»